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Our Budget Range:

We offer a “Buckram” cotton cloth with a water resistant (acrylic) coating. It offers strength and durability and is available in a variety of shades; including eye catching visual metallic effects.  This material was formally known asRexine”; which is a registered trademark of an artificial leather cloth fabric, produced in the United Kingdom by Rexine Ltd. It was made of cloth surfaced with a mixture of cellulose nitrate, camphor oil, pigment and alcohol, embossed to look like leather.

It has been used as a bookbinding material for more than 60 years but also used for upholstery coverings and the interiors of motor vehicles produced by British car manufacturers beginning in the 1920s. It was also used by the British Motor Corporation in the 1960s and 70s, particularly as a covering for 'crash padding' on dashboards and doors.

The author George Orwell, writing in his wartime diary on April 29, 1942, reported on his visit to the British House Of Lords "Everything had a somewhat mangy look. Red rexine cushions on the benches - I could swear they used to be red plush at one time." 

We can offer cheaper alternatives if required.



Our Standard Range:

“WINTAN” ® is made from 85% genuine leather fibres. It looks; smells and feels like genuine leather and designed for high quality leather goods, stationary, book binding and packaging. A vast variety of shades are available. Its luxury feel and finish makes it ideal for when quality will be appreciated



Our Deluxe range:

The price will reflect our commitment to the art of book binding and rare book conservation.

We offer superb pure genuine leather (“Karawan” goat skin) from Germany. Our supplier has been selling leather for over 100 years since the days when it was used on all shoes, on ledgers, account books and furniture. 

It is carefully produced with exceptional suppleness and attractive grain qualities.

Natural, smooth, medieval, antique, embossed, glazed, unglazed, “alum tawed” (tanned), marbled, sprinkled and bright white can all be supplied.

They are bleached and dyed to suit your preference.

We also offer beautiful calf, “bovin” (buffalo, cow/ox like cattle) and pig skins which are pure vegetable tanned. The tanned outer layer is split from a skin and is known as a “skiver”.



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