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Terms & Conditions


All restorations and modifications are carried under the name of “The Book Surgeon”. New books may occasionally be produced under the name of the “Book Sculptor”. It shall be assumed all Terms & Conditions apply to both and as such the two names are inter-changeable.


We reserve the right to update or change our Terms & Conditions at any time so you should check periodically using our web site.

The Book Surgeon shall use make assumptions and discretion in order to provide a cost-effective solution. Therefore, if there are any specific requirements these need to be highlighted before work commences.

Restoration or a modification may impact authenticity or de-value a book (including sentimental value) so the client is advised to take independent expert advice beforehand. The Book Surgeon cannot be held responsible for any depreciation or any (in) direct other losses. 

The client needs to be aware there are many factors that can affect the final outcome for example natural wear and tear, discolouration, unavailability of original materials, how and where a book has been stored.

Replacement materials can occasionally contain natural flaws however the Book Surgeon considers these can actually add character and are representative of an artisan book. The majority of repairs will require the removal of the cover. Under these circumstances new “front/rear end papers” and “fly leafs” will be “perfect bound” (glued). 

For New Books:  

“Perfect Bound” books are not guaranteed to stay open or flat.

The spine shall be “Hollow Back” and square however we can offer “Tight Back”, rounded and “Raised Bands” for an additional fee. 

Cases shall be hardback; with square corners but rounded and yap edges are available for an additional fee.

The clients shall ensure pre-supplied pages are correctly ordered and orientated and the paper grain runs parallel to the spine. If pages need to be printed; the Book Surgeon shall typically use 70 to 80 gms A4 or A5 (white) paper; duplex printed in black ink.

Provided there is sufficient margin all pages shall be guillotined so if a particular size of book is required; this must be taken into consideration. Ideally crop marks shall be provided. The “front/rear end papers” and “fly leafs” will be “perfect bound” in a pre-determined weight and colour unless otherwise instructed. 

The client shall retain additional copies of all pages so in the very unlikely event an unforeseen complication arises; a page can be replaced

A university specification needs to be provided for Thesis/Dissertations.

The Book Surgeon shall use discretion on the type face/point and whether a gold of silver foil shall be used; unless otherwise instructed.


All work is guaranteed for 12 months unless it is related to manufacturing defects, natural defects; mismatch; wear and tear; abuse or incorrect use/storage. The Book Surgeons view on any claim is final.


The Book Surgeon reserves the right to take photographs of any work undertaken (including book content and additional hand-written notes or addendums etc.) for upload to its catalogue, web site or social media network. The Book Surgeon shall reserve the right to attach company labels to the inside of all books; typically, at the bottom centre of the rear end paper. 


No work or materials (in) directly related to the Book Surgeon may be copied without the written permission of the Book Surgeon. Copying includes and is not limited to photocopying, scanning, photography, audio and visual recordings.  Copyright extends to all presentations. 


All prices listed are for guidance only based on broad assumptions.

A deposit may be required before any work commences.

A minimum £10:00 fee applies on all restorations.

Restoration, modification and book creation can occasionally lead to unforeseen complications.  Therefore, the Book Surgeon reserves the right to charge up to additional 20% on top of the price range.

In the very unlikely event unforeseen costs exceed 20%; a completion fee will be offered. Work will recommence once the completion fee has been accepted by the client.  If a book becomes impractical to complete; work will stop indefinitely. 

For Presentations: A non-refundable booking fee maybe required 1 month in advance. Travel expenses are charged by the mile at current HMRC rates.  The balance is payable in full on the day.  In the unlikely event we cancel; the booking fee shall be refunded.

Cash, BACs, PAYPAL or cheque made payable to "M.S.Holton". Sorry no cards can be accepted.  For private clients, the balance is payable in full upon collection. For businesses, we can offer 30 days nett (unless special terms have been agreed beforehand). All books become the property of the Book Surgeon until all fees are paid in full. 


The Book Surgeon recognises every client is given reasonable time to review our terms and conditions. In addition, it gives the client an opportunity to seek the advised independent advice if appropriate.

Therefore, the Book Surgeon operates a 7 (calendar) day cooling off period commencing from the receipt of the book.  If the client makes no further contact within this period; the Book Surgeon shall assume the client has agreed to all terms and conditions allowing work to commence.

We may ask you to provide personal information such as your email and postal address.  We may request the history; monetary & sentimental value and family ties etc. to help determine the best course of restoration.

We shall take reasonable steps to protect your information but cannot guarantee its absolute security.  We reserve the right to show your book(s); including any additional hand-written notes or addendums to other clients to assist with consultations and marketing. We may send you newsletters, marketing or promotional materials.




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