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"Precious Books Bound For Life". Since 1976 we have been restoring for book collectors, institutions and the church.
We want to give you an "authentic book" artisan book so we only use traditional
equipment ,tools and work methods. Hard backs are covered in a high quality leather cloth but we offer various grades of synthetic to suit all budgets. We stitch and glue all pages, spines are strengthened using tapes, mull and backing paper (as standard).  

Our restoration will suit all of your needs from make overs to complete rebuilds. 
 It could be as simple as a sketch book, an existing book which has a special meaning, a specially bound volume of football programmes or perhaps weekly gardening, cookery, wine tasting, knitting and fishing magazines. Other popular gifts we make are diaries, travel journals and log books for sailors and aviators. 

We can also bind new one off novelty books for special occasions for example "This Is Your Life", weddings, christenings, retirements and condolence.  Our most common book creations are photo albums, guest books, thesis and family trees. 

We also modify for example convert paperbacks to hardback and synthetic to leather.   Our portfolio is endless

Lettering is offered to personalise (including belts, purses and wallets etc). D
eep shouldered hot foil lead type is used for improved definition in a choice of gold, silver, primary and secondary colour foils.

If you want a unique book to give as a gift or for a special occasion contact us for a free consultation. 

Whatever your needs are...... "we have it covered".  


To provide high quality craftsmanship at an affordable price and t
o remain committed to the art of book binding by only using traditional equipment, tools and work methods.

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